About Us

Who we are

Who we are

We at Bristol Video Company are a team of experienced creatives and technicians with the purpose to help businesses and organisations maximise their potential with visual storytelling.

We understand how brands need to resonate with audiences. So it’s our mission to extract the core messages from a brand, and deliver them through powerful content.

While giving careful consideration to unique marketing goals.

We also understand how brands need to show credibility in their industry. So we emphasise shining a light on the mission, values and people behind them.

So audiences are motivated to become customers, clients, and brand ambassadors.

Rowan Pearce

Founder & Managing Director

Rowan leads Bristol Video Company’s video marketing strategies for clients. Working with the team to produce high end professional content carefully align to each project’s specific marketing objectives.

With a 10 year background in video production Rowan is equipped to produce industry-leading content which helps build brands.

Denis Hoti

Creative Director

Denis Hoti is Bristol Video Company’s creative director, scriptwriter and graphic designer.

Having been lead marketer and brand designer for more than six restaurants and fashion brands, Denis helps clients to realise their creative visions. Invaluable for the concept design and ideation process, as well as on set as director.

Armin Zare

Producer & Photographer

Armin is a media producer, filmmaker and photographer. He has been the marketing lead for an international jewellery brand and has produced and directed a major foreign language film: ‘Recursion’.

His primary roles in Bristol Video Company lie in concept design, project management and strategic planning. This is an essential part of Bristol Video Company’s higher value video marketing campaigns.

Harrison Wood


Behrooz Nematollahi

Sound Engineer

Our Promise

To provide industry-leading video content for your brand with a careful eye on marketing goals. We aim to get to know your business rather than just your video needs. So we can help consult on the best way forward and craft the best story to grow your brand.

We will to listen to what your goals are and work with you closely to achieve them, with professional and friendly support.


Our Vision

To enable ethical companies tell their story, promote their businesses and realise their vision for a sustainable future.

From local sustainability startups looking to secure venture capital funding, to charities looking to fundraise.

Our vision is to promote ethical businesses and business practises so that we can help create a stronger  community in Bristol and the rest of the UK.

Our Equipment

Our in-house camera equipment at Bristol Video Company includes a range of Cinema Line Sony cameras including the FX9 and FX3. These can be used in combination to offer versatility and high end recording for any shoot. We also have the DJI Inspire drone, DJI Ronin gimbal, several stills cameras and an array of Sony G Master lenses.

We have professional audio and podcasting equipment, along with lighting suitable for most small scale film sets.

We also have full use of Adobe Creative Suite, Final Cut Pro, Maya and Houdini for industry leading editing and graphics work.