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…how we do it, and some of the theory behind it

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If video was divided into single frames, how visually appealing are each of those images?

Much of this appeals (or doesn’t) to the viewer subconsciously. By incorporating principles of the Fibonacci Sequence (the numbers of which converge at The Golden Ratio the higher up you go in the sequence), you can construct a more aesthetically pleasing composition.

We can also focus attention on a specific part of the image using shallow depth of field, with careful focus pulls using low apertures. This can work well with emotional content, where a subject or interviewee is detached from their background.

We can also use post production techniques (like grading from log footage) to make the colours of an image stand out and look richer than even real life. By doing all these things, it ultimately increases the saleability of a product or overall brand.

There are also times where all parts of the image need to be in focus, like event videos with lots of people or walkthrough videos showing a location. Here we’ll use a wider lens and deeper depth of focus so the viewer can see all the necessary parts of an image.

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“No matter what you do, your job is to tell your story.”
– Gary Vaynerchuk

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A different aspect to editing involves creating a clash and disrupting the flow to prompt emotion. This derives from filmmaker Eisenstein’s techniques of montage where “an idea arises from the collision of independent shots”, as demonstrated in the Odessa Steps scene of his classic film Battleship Potemkin. This builds on what filmmaker Kuleshov demonstrated in the Kuleshov Effect, where the emotional effect of one shot is changed by the proceeding shot.

Discordant shot selection can be combined with text or animated graphics to relay information as well as make up a powerful visual sequence. This is especially applicable to a lot of our charity videos, where the meaningful juxtaposition of footage can prompt emotion and make the Calls-to-Action that follow even more effective.

Much of this is established with storyboards, which we’ll also work closely with you to create.

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