The Guiding Power of Corporate Interviews

Product Videos As A Sales Clincher
Rowan Pearce

We at Bristol Video Company know the importance of confident and on-brand interviews for businesses. Although not a revolutionary concept we see them everywhere. Talking heads on TV or even video podcasts. But for B2B marketing interviews should eschew much of the un-targeted content for the purpose of light entertainment. Audiences need information which directly guides them towards making a purchase, or another type of conversion.

Despite initially sounding mundane, there are ways to make corporate interviews unique, tailored and designed to initiate certain things from the audience. It doesn’t have to be as limiting as it sounds. Like in any specialism, rather than leading you down a constantly shrinking corridor it can actually act as a door opening into a room of many other doors. Or so we’d like to think.

An Interview’s Potential for Building Credibility

Interviews can incorporate the subject (like CEO, founder or specialist) in their place of work, particularly with wide lenses, deep focus and evenly distributed ambient lighting. With this you’re not simply telling the audience aspects of the business from the script, but telling them visually, bringing them into the behind-the-scenes of the company. There could be colleagues in the background showing the breadth of the team, or machinery (not making too much noise of course) in a warehouse setting showing the level of capital investment in the company.

Potential business partners will want to be confident that the product or service meets their requirements. They will also want assurance that the people and systems in place are commensurate with their values. To answer this interviews are a great way to show the personality of the team behind the company, their motivation and vision. Walking interviews or interviews cut with impactful B-roll can show a business leader in their place of work, interacting amongst their team, at a corporate event or associating with important clients.

All of which build an image of credibility and professionalism to help convince future clients to get on board!

We’ve also done interview videos in co-working spaces, like Bristol’s EngineShed. In the post-Covid world of remote working, office space isn’t always required by companies, particularly startups in sectors like data science. This a great way to make a company seem larger than it really is, which can send a subliminal message to prospects, particularly from larger companies, that you’re on a similar footing to them.

For our recent interviews with Latcham, the MD needed to convey confidence that the company is well facilitated to move into the healthcare fulfilment market. By showing him speaking in a modern well lit and fully branded conference room, interspersed with slick B-roll of him interacting in his place of work along with branded graphics, the video screams credibility. And will inspire confidence, particularly for future distributors, in this sector and beyond.

The Branding Potential of Interviews

Interviews are a great way to distill the aspects and values of a brand and make them quickly distributable to the world. Custom graphics that align with branding guidelines, but also echo the sentiment of the video are great to incorporate. For our recent interviews with Latcham, we created graphic dots connecting and interconnecting as part of a dot matrix, as well as moving to slickly reveal and then conceal text to connote the brand’s history of delivering communications, and ultimately connecting people.

With a refined script, the business leader can confidently distill the vital elements of their service offering, with careful messaging packaged within a watchable minute. The purpose is elevating the content from website text (or ad text) to a more audially and visually stimulating media form.

Interviews are a great way of addressing this target audience directly, stating who you are, your brand values and how you can benefit them.

One way to transforms a generic website into one that’s trustworthy is putting a friendly face to the company. Not only for instilling confidence in a prospect that you may be nice to work with with, but also to make the business seem related to certain people, location or cause. So that you can justify that you do what you say you do. By having an overview video introducing the company to visitors you build trust with prospects, and importantly show show credibility to other business leaders.

This is particularly relevant  for in the healthcare, engineering and tech sectors where we’re seeing most of our business come from.

Where Interviews Fit into Your Marketing Strategy

We are also conscious of where interviews work best in the buyer’s cycle. If used selectively they can be great for introducing products and services at the beginning or ‘interest’ phase of this journey. They are also effective for nurturing prospects at the ‘consideration’ phase, to help convince potential customers of the values and reliability of a company once they’re aware of the product.

For many of these videos the emphasis is less on mass appeal to many viewers, but smaller appeal to a targeted number of people.

It may not only be customers per se that interviews cater for. By showing off your company to sector leaders it can open up co-development opportunities, partnerships and even investment. It’s all about knowing the goal and working backwards; with the right audience in mind who can chime with your branding and service offering. So use the interview as credible and reliable guide for your viewer towards this goal.

But taking all that away, you want to show that you run a business dedicated to certain standards and investing in a video asset showcases this perfectly.