Ignited Video Package

Help us get you the best video by igniting your passion for presenting

Barney Grenfell from Ignited Presenting and Rowan Pearce from Bristol Video Company

Why have one?

Ignited Presenting is partnering with Bristol Video Company to deliver a unique package combining our popular workshops and a professional video marketing service.

Our expert coaching from Barney Grenfell (Ignited Presenting) will give you the script-writing and presentation skills to prepare you for a confident, authentic, and on-brand video shoot. Helping you to find your authentic voice.

We will then shoot the video (or videos) using our storytelling and brand building experience. With a close eye on your specific objectives.

The package will consist of the following:



Workshop 1: Content Creation

Workshop 2: Presentation Skills

Dress Rehearsal

Final Shoot

Editing and Revisions

Delivery of Final Video(s)



The process will take about a month to allow for adequate reflection time between workshops. But we will work closely with you from start to finish. Offering guidance and real time feedback.

So that the final video will be tailored to your target audience and ready to integrate seamlessly into your marketing strategy.

To drive engagement and grow your brand.

Of course like any story, your company story will be unique. So drop us an email to see how we can best capture it along with fulfilling your marketing objectives.